Contact centre analytics shifting customer satisfaction

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As reported in the South African customer satisfaction index, customer satisfaction is on the decline amongst some of South Africa’s top companies within the insurance, mobile network, internet, retail and banking industries.  Global leader in customer engagement solutions, Aspect Software advises contact centre organisations to read their voice, speech and customer experience analytics in order to be consistently kept up to date with their consumer’s needs.

Looking into analytics enables contact centres to ensure that all interactions and conversations with customers are solution driven, timely and positive, delivering the best chance for a positive customer experience. For larger contact centres, managing a workforce of potentially thousands of agents is challenging, but with analytics a comprehensive view of data helps to key areas which may need to be addressed.  Managers are also able to proactively address and correct appropriate compliance issues or empathy shortfalls with the contact centre agents.

“Not only does monitoring analytics allow for quality measurement[JC1] , it is also a practical way for enterprises to examine how their customers perceive their organisation and products.  What’s more is that additional data can be drawn and evaluated from customer records to isolate differences between consumer groups.  Further to this, it enables the understanding of the drivers behind customer behavior and attitude such as churn, purchase and satisfaction using voice analytics software[JC2] ,” explains Regional Sales Director for Aspect Software South Africa, Henry McCracken. 

Giving contact centres the power to synthesise large amounts of data in order to extract insights is valuable in helping to achieve objectives.  McCracken says,“As technology has evolved, there has been many advancements in analytic tools to effectively and efficiently gather important understandings from what seems to be unserviceably large and diverse data sets.  Developments to convert unstructured data, such as voice, into a structured digital form can become part of the data that can turnaround a poor performing contact centre.”

McCracken adds, “As there are many channels available to contact centres for customer communication it is important that whatever the preferred channels that are being utilised are able to gain valuable insights from interaction.  This will determine whether or not a contact centre needs speech analytics, desktop analytics, text analytics, IVR analytics, web analytics or analytics that span channels such as Voice of the customer.” 

“Studying contact centre analytics is the most constructive way to extract key information, insights and notifications that can drastically enrich customer satisfaction and boost the productivity and performance of agents,” concludes McCracken. 


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