The first Mizuno performance fitting centre in Africa

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The first Mizuno performance fitting centre in Africa

Mizuno, the international golfing brand has performance fitment centres located throughout the world and has to the excitement of many golfers, just branched out into Africa.

Randpark Golf Club based in Johannesburg has the first Mizuno performance fitting centre located down at their driving range facility.  PGA Pro Riaan Spangenberg, who is a qualified fitter with Mizuno fitting accreditation, assists golfers to identify their optimum clubs in order to improve their game. 

Spangenberg commented, “Every golfer swings the golf club differently and it is quite difficult to find a club bought off the shelf to suit every player.  Mizuno uses market leading Swing DNA Fitting Software to build the clubs to the golfers’ specification to improve their game and improve their enjoyability of the game.”

The golfer is assessed by driving 3 balls down the driving range whereby the head speed; tempo; toe down; kick angle and release factor are measured and entered into the Swing DNA App, along with handicap, average score and whether they play left or right handed. Recommendations will then be made on what Mizuno shaft, head, length and lie angle combination will work best. The qualified fitter then builds the club recommended and the golfer has the chance to practice and see how their game is improved. 

In order to show results of the improvement, Randpark makes use of the new Trackman 4 which is the most advanced fitment technology available in the world and runs on a doppler radar system and camera combination.  The golfer plays with his existing clubs followed by use of the recommended Mizuno club.  The Trackman measures club head speed, ball speed, ball trajectory, ball carry, ball spin rate and dispersion.   

The order is placed by the fitment centre and the clubs are assembled in St Andrews, Scotland.  The turnaround time is 15 working days.  A great added feature by Mizuno is that 5 characters can be stamped on the wedge ordered at no extra charge. Whether it be a name, initials or a favourite sports team, it is a great way to personalise a wedge. The golfer may also choose the colour of the grip on any of his new clubs.

With this state of the art technology there is no club in the bag that the custom fitment centre cannot fit. 

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