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Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, Action


South African born actress Londeka Mlaba, best known for her character Zamo on Broken Vows and Sibahle on Uzalo, has recently moved from Durban to Johannesburg with a determination of growing her acting and dancing career. 

Londeka studied at the University of KZN, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2015.  She majored in Media Studies, Drama and the Preforming Arts which earned her roles inTheatre Productions and Television shows.

“Johannesburg has an increased amount of television opportunities for actresses as this is where the majority of shows are filmed,” commented Londeka. “I know I can grow as an actress and would like to constantly be improving my skills and growing my craft. My principles are never stop learning and improving in life.”  

Londeka’s family live in Durban and although she has moved to Johannesburg for her career, she would like to ensure she stays close with her family and to visit them as often as her work schedule will allow.  “My father passed away in 1995, and my mother Duduzile Mlaba raised us 5 children.  I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, all older than myself. My mother is my biggest fan and always offers words of encouragement.  She is a nurse by profession so took great care of us all.  We are a close family,” said Londeka.

“I enjoy exercising and dancing at home in my spare time.  My dream was to become a choreographer but acting chose me.  I started dancing from the age of 8, it is a language I am good at communicating at. On weekends as a child I performed in Community Theatre where we danced and sang.  I performed for the community and at weddings for Kings which was very exciting.”

“It is better to be multi-skilled in order to land roles easier.  The triple skills of ‘To sing, dance and act’ is a key advantage I have. I am grateful for the advantage my studies at University and the mentorship program I completed at the Durban Playhouse Company prepared me for this.  I was given valuable advice and the necessary training. I have been privileged to be mentored by the greats such as Ralf Lawson, Caroline Smut, (Playhouse residence dancers), Smoke and Mirrors (New York) and Edmond Mhlongo.”  Londeka was recently casted on Thuli no Thulani aired on SABC 1.

Londeka advises those wanting to pursue a career in acting to study for it and to always improve their skills.  “Attend every audition even if it does not fit your description as an opportunity may present itself for another character. Every audition gives you an opportunity to learn and grow.”

“Auditioning is an emotional process.  It is incredibly nerve wrecking and it can be months in between auditioning and receiving the call that you have been successful and landed the role.  No call back means you did not make it.  Keep moving forward and pursuing other roles.  It is not easy but try not to take rejection personally, your appearance or character may not have been the right fit for the role.”

Londeka is energetic, talented and is concentrating on her career at present.  “I am so excited for all the new opportunities that lie ahead for me in Johannesburg.”

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