Loeries Creative Week 2017

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Loeries Creative Week 2017

Loeries Creative Week 2017


Welcome to Creative Week! Loeries Durban 2017 has been a hub of activity, excitement and great atmosphere. Something new and exciting is happening every day and it’s almost impossible not to have something innovative and inspiring to look forward to. Wednesday morning kicked off with the first round of seminars and Livewired PR attended the Google Masterclass.

One topic, stood out as an important one for anyone in the client service field: User-First Thinking.


“Think about the user first and everything else will follow” – Larry Page. What does this mean for PR? We often say to clients that as a PR practitioner, we need to live your brand. So essentially, we need to put your clients and their thought processes first. Who are they really? What questions do they want answered? How can I answer them faster, better? How can we make it easier for them?


Consumers search for answers on Google, so as a brand and as communicators, we need to start with the person with whom we are trying to speak, and then generate relevant messaging from there. We need to answer the question: are we making someone’s life easier, or are we making him or her work to engage with our brand? This comes down to any piece of messaging or marketing material, from Facebook page and website down to online store. Interactive material needs to be engaging, fast, easy to use and solve a problem and address a need.


As communicators and marketers, consumer experiences, need to be top of mind – we are competing with the best experiences a consumer has ever had. We are trying to get to know customers and consumers on a deeper level, especially prior to purchase or engagement. The essential point that came out of this workshop was: there is far more to consumers than what your demographic data suggests, and getting to know consumers’ deeper selves is key to a successful marketing campaign.


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