Social Media Week New York City

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Social Media Week New York City

We have recently arrived in the concrete jungle and will soon be sitting among some of the best digital experts listening to inspiring talks, presentations, panel debates and workshops. SMWNYC will be from the 27th Feb - 3rd March at The Times Centre with a theme of “Language and the Machine”. The digital world is evolving and changing at such a rapid pace it is hard to keep up with the trends. Once word gets out on the web it’s almost too late to jump on board. Staying one step ahead is crucial to any brand whether it’s B2B or B2C. Social Media Week is the perfect place to get these ideas and discussion going!


Join in the conversation and watch the event Live or On-demand on SMW Insider 



Here is our list of top 10 talks we’re looking forward to;

1. Don’t Call Snapchat a Social Media Platform

Snapchat is expanding into a full-blown entertainment and communication platform; it’s so much more than social media, and it is becoming deeply personal.

2. The Rise of the AI-Empowered Social Influencer

 Artificial intelligence is taking influencer marketing to a new level. The power of brand ambassadors on social media is unquestioned. However, too often they don’t get the support they need. Enter AI. AI has the ability to bring a seamless customer experience, 24/7, to brands and influencers alike — and the power to bring total simplicity for brands engaging with millions of influencers at a scale.

3. Spatial Storytelling with Megan Summers, Global Head of Production, Facebook

 In this talk, Megan, who runs production globally for Facebook’s Creative Shop team, will lead a session that explores new storytelling principles and languages in the age of VR, 360 and the Feed.

4. “There Are No Such Things as Facts”: Social in the Era of Fake News

This session will bring together editors from leading media companies for a conversation about the battle for credibility, much of it playing out on social. 

5. Future Publishing Models: VR and 360 Video with The New York Times

Via NYT’s VR app, users can go underwater or on the campaign trail, experience life through the eyes of a refugee or explore previously unseen worlds and experience stories reported by award-winning journalists, all told in an immersive, 360-degree video experience. 

6. Using Social Media Effectively in a Crisis

Crisis messaging differs from regular messaging because the audience, tone, demand for information and conversation can all change rapidly. Speed and accuracy are vital. 

7. Move Fast and Break Things: How Google, Facebook and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy

Move Fast and Break Things tells the story of how a small group of libertarian entrepreneurs began in the 1990s to hijack the original decentralized vision of the Internet, in the process creating a set of monopoly firms—Facebook, Amazon and Google—that now determine the future of the music, film, television, publishing and news industries

8. The Strange Thing About the World of Celebrity and Social Media

In this session, Steve Ellis, CEO of WHOSAY will be joined by David Harbour, star of the critically acclaimed Netflix show Stranger Things for a discussion about the weird and sometimes upside down world of celebrities and social media. Get a glimpse into what it is like to connect to a rabid fan base and learn what fans want to hear, what they want to talk about and what their expectations are for the celebrity.

9. Mining Empathy: Extracting Emotion from Language in Social Media

Brands have universally embraced social media as a mechanism to reach out to existing and potential consumers. Yet our over-emphasis on volume and media metrics to measure what is a relationship-focused medium is a weakness, and occasionally blinds the marketing industry into believing things that aren't there.

10. From Inspiration to Action: Creativity that Drives Growth

One of the biggest hurdles that marketers face today is creating content that’s personalized and inspires people to act. Join Alastair Cotterill from Pinterest chat about how developing great creative based on “me” time instead of “them” time may not be as tricky as it may seem.



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