Pinterest rules for business

Pinterest rules for business

Pinterest is yet another dynamic social media tool that can do wonders for companies and brands provided they leverage Pinterest in a way that engages with people. This is where PR comes into play because Pinterest is a social media tool and not a catalogue. No one wants to look at coupon-cut shots of products, they are boring and smack of grocery store broadsheets advertising in-store specials.

1. Set up your Pinterest account smartly

Setting up a Pinterest account is quite easy, just make sure that if you are pinning on behalf of a brand to use the right logo and be honest about the fact that your boards represent a brand or company. Once your account is up and running you have to make it “Pinterest friendly” by embedding Pinterest buttons on your relevant blogs and share to Facebook and Twitter. This will not only make your content more accessible to web traffic, but refreshes your online content across the web.

2. Be Copyright clever

If you need to brush up on your Pinterest meets copyright rules, please click here ( If you are running any Pinterest account it’s important to check that all the images you want to share and pin come from a legitimate source. If content has been re-sourced with a false website, do not repin it, you should really give credit to those who rightfully deserve it. And speaking of credit, if you are pinning your own original content add a watermark made up of a company or product logo.

3. Pin informatively

Be creative but logical with your pinning. Pin across a variety of boards and build them strategically. Use creative names, catchy captions and strong visuals. Once you have a good foundation in place start actively following boards and users that appeal to you and your brand to build your own community of followers. If you sell products, add weblinks and prices to your pin descriptions. The more info, the great longevity your pin will have for brand awareness.

Remember: Time your pins! Pins will remain in view for days so pinning for a few minutes a couple of times per day is enough to get you started. Also be observant, when are your fans pinning? You have to intercept this traffic.

4. “Pinnect” with people

Part of PR is about engagement and this is where it can really do good things for your brand. By commenting, liking and using hashtag as you would on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter you are talking to the people who have interacted with your brand. A useful measurement trick is also to track how many pins or repins are made directly from your website.

5. Think visual communication

By creating a variety of pins that appeal to a range of people is a good idea. Show lifestyle shots and not just product, show people having a good time wearing your t-shirt etc. By using quality images and good content that shows good living, your images are more likely to be pinned. Try shake it up and make use of infographics and pin videos.

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