Pinterest for PR

Pinterest for PR

Pinterest is a virtual pin board site that allows its users to collect visuals that they find interesting and “pin” them onto their various boards. Pinterest has become the latest buzz word, a graphic based site where account holders can share and have access to a titanic range of virtual pinboard of inspirational and idea sparking images.

As the nature of social media tools evolves, it’s up to the trend spotting PR practitioner to see the overwhelming potential offered by this medium. This platform differs from the other major social sites because it reflects users aspirations through a beautifully designed visual interface across a variety of possible fields ranging from food to wedding planning.
According to ComScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital business analytics, Pinterest has reached record breaking monthly users faster than any other site. Much like other social networks, Pinterest fans can follow other users’ boards and share the content with their own followers by repining the image or video.


Pinterest as a brand name has reached astronomical proportions, the word did not exist in 2010 but in October 2011 nearly 900 000 internet users have searched for the term “Pinterest” more than 2.4 million times. Visitors made up of mostly 18-34 year old upper income women from USA, and the number of male users are climbing.


As consumers have become increasingly disillusioned by irrelevant, pushy marketing, it’s time that PR professionals get in touch with the type of lifestyle that their target audience is living or aspires to. Be subtle in your communications and use Pinterest as a tool to add to your brand’s personality in a way that engages audiences, rather than as a platform to punt your brand. Always disclose if you are promoting a client’s product, this is not about the hard sell but tuning into people and what interests them. Don’t use Pinterest to push your own agenda, regardless if you are a blogger, or a PR/ marketing person.

There are opportunities for lifestyle industries such as retail, fashion design, media, food services, home goods, travel, etc. The right kinds of pins can showcase how your brand compliments lifestyle choices and will go so far as to build the brand’s personality.

No matter the idea, from new cupcake recipes to funky DIY concepts the best pinboard can be used to build relationships with your target audience and other bloggers as a supplement to the kind of interests and information they want to share with the public. Another target you could reach are brand evangelists, invite them to interact with your brand boards.

On the B2B side, Pinterest could help give character to business leadership and public figures by simply sharing their positive interests in their respective fields or hobbies giving them depth and taking them beyond the ‘suite’ persona.
Pinterest also has CSI potential; company boards can showcase fun activism drives such as Pink Link, Movember and green week. The possibilities are limitless if you can simply execute your message around a clean delivery of interesting social media content.

A recent study by revealed that Pinterest drove more Web traffic to sites in January 2012 than Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and MySpace combined.

So what are you waiting for???

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